What is Stock Photography ? – made simple

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This is a simple PDF to enable photographers to understand Stock Photography – Simply. Please feel free to post queries and we will be happy to answer all of them.

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Best Picture of the week ! Marine Drive – Mumbai.

1420_10151769315338088_777159614_nThis image of Marine Drive Mumbai, is shot by Kunal Gaikwad. Probably one of the most shot places in the world. It is also called the Queens Necklace, because of the beautiful road that curves and the row of street lights that give the illusion of a jewel studded necklace.

This is what Kunal had to say about how he took this image. ” I shot this during the blue hour on last Thursday. The sky was partially cloudy with a few bit of drizzles. When this shot was taken, the clouds had obscured the sky over the Queens Necklace and the land part, but left the sky clear above the water part. It has been shot on Nikon D7000, 18-55 mm lens, f/4, 1/6 sec (handheld), ISO 400. I enhanced the blues on the right and made it a little lighter.. decreased the shadows by adding graduated filter.

Kunal is 25 year old and a budding lawyer working in a Law firm in Mumbai. He says that photography is just his hobby, and that he is no pro.

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Olympics 2012 -Cheer For India

This film is a tribute to the Indian athletes participating in Olympics and aims to capture the blood, sweat, tears that they put into their work. These are people who despite the obstacles and often, lack of support they face, continue to push themselves. These are people whose single dream is to represent their country on the worlds highest stage.
We present this film to you with the hope that your channel, will support an initiative like this. To not only find it as an innovative way to take part in the Olympics but also more importantly to take a moment and acknowledge and appreciate the efforts that our Athletes have endured to represent our country and thus us at the Olympics.
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Production – StoryTellers India
Producer – Ranadeep Oberio
Director – Arun Gopalan
DOP – Kaveen
Colourist – Swapnil Patole
Post Supervisor – Mehul Gori
Post Studio – ‘after’


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