Royalty Free (RF) – What is it ?

Royalty Free (RF)
“Free” in this context means “free of royalties (paying each time you use an image)”. It does not mean the image is free to use without purchasing a license or that the image is in the public domain.

  • Pay a one-time fee to use the image multiple times for multiple purposes (with limits).
  • No time limit on when the buyer can use an image.
  • No one can have exclusive rights of a Royalty-free image (the photographer can sell the image as many times as he or she wants).
  • A Royalty-free image usually has a limit to how many times the buyer can reproduce it. For example, a license might allow the buyer to print 500,000 brochures with the purchased image. The amount of copies made is called the print run. The buyer is required to pay a fee per brochure, usually 1 to 3 cents, for additional prints. Magazines with a large print run cannot use a standard Royalty-free license and therefore they either purchase images with a Rights-managed license or have in-house photographers.


Branding – Quote of the week

April 2014 infographics SIBSA

From the collection of over 3 million Indian & International Stock Images, we will share inspiring Quotes in this section.
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INDIAFRICA – A shared future

INDIAFRICA: A Shared Future is a unique people to people initiative that aims at engaging multiple stakeholders in India and Africa through contests, fellowships, discussions, events, collaborative projects and cultural exchanges.

INDIAFRICA is supported by the Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and is managed by theIdeaWorks, Enterprise partner
INDIAFRICA works very closely with various institutions in Africa and India to drive this initiative. Visit www.INDIAFRICA.IN



INDIAFRICA Photography Contest 2014 

Are you interested in photography and like narrating a story through photographs? Participate in this contest to win attractive cash prizes and get your work showcases at international platform.

My City


  • Twenty prizes of INR 25000* each
  • Certificates for all winners
  • INDIAFRICA merchandise for all winners
  • Winning works to be curated into an exhibition
  • Feature the winning entries and winners on – one of India’s leading image libraries.

Start date: 23 January 2014
End date: 30th April 2014


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Rare Photos of Nazi Germany in Color

© National Archives of Norway
© National Archives of Norway


© National Archives of Norway 1srDC


© National Archives of Norway4RGWx

© National Archives of Norway 5fyH2

© National Archives of Norway 9APia

© National Archives of Norway 21zXZ

© National Archives of Norway a7RJx

© National Archives of Norway Au1Np

© National Archives of Norway cqvU5

© National Archives of Norway DGVoE

© National Archives of Norway E6eVq

© National Archives of Norway LV7OY

© National Archives of Norway Lyuxi

© National Archives of Norway OGfzn

© National Archives of Norway PMQJG

© National Archives of Norway QodD5

© National Archives of Norway var1t

© National Archives of Norway Vsguu

© National Archives of Norway WTipx

© National Archives of Norway yaeXm

© National Archives of Norway yAyr7

© National Archives of Norway YQcmk


Rare Photos of Nazi Germany in Color

Amazing collection of rare color photos of Nazi Germany taken in 1930’s Berlin by Thomas Neumann. Till this day pictures were kept in secret Norwegian archives and just recently have been uncovered for the public eye.


War movies and images have always fascinated me. I can read up any amount of material and look at war and historic images for days on end without feeling tired. Being in the business of visuals by choice is not because I am a photographer but a curator. I find immense satisfaction looking at visuals and the story that they narrate. I found this today and think its worth sharing for those of you interested. – Sugandha