A habit is something one does regularly without thinking. There are good habits, such as looking both ways before crossing a street, more or less benign habits, such as biting the ends of pencils, and bad habits, such as being persistently late. Photographers fall prey to all sorts of bad habits, and becoming aware of them is the first step in breaking yourself of them. From lecturing on photography, exchanging critiques with fellow members of three photography clubs, and so on, I have compiled a list of the worst of a photographer’s habits. These are the habits that beginners often find the most difficult to break and that even experienced photographers drift into more or less randomly without being conscious of them….

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Royalty Free (RF) – What is it ?

Royalty Free (RF)
“Free” in this context means “free of royalties (paying each time you use an image)”. It does not mean the image is free to use without purchasing a license or that the image is in the public domain.

  • Pay a one-time fee to use the image multiple times for multiple purposes (with limits).
  • No time limit on when the buyer can use an image.
  • No one can have exclusive rights of a Royalty-free image (the photographer can sell the image as many times as he or she wants).
  • A Royalty-free image usually has a limit to how many times the buyer can reproduce it. For example, a license might allow the buyer to print 500,000 brochures with the purchased image. The amount of copies made is called the print run. The buyer is required to pay a fee per brochure, usually 1 to 3 cents, for additional prints. Magazines with a large print run cannot use a standard Royalty-free license and therefore they either purchase images with a Rights-managed license or have in-house photographers.

Branding – Quote of the week

April 2014 infographics SIBSA

From the collection of over 3 million Indian & International Stock Images, we will share inspiring Quotes in this section.
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This article is taken from the blog of Rajkumar Mahendran “The Vast Nothing ” He is a 24 year old, Mechanical Engineer by profession. Reposting his blog as it may be useful for those wanting to understand this craft. I certainly did enjoy. Please click on the link below 🙂


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Dear Photographers, Your Creation is your livelihood !

Dear Photographers worldwide,
How may of you are aware of your rights ? How many of you actually take the initiative to make friends and family around you aware that plagiarism of images is a crime. Lifting images from google, flicker & elsewhere on the net and using for commercial endeavours is inappropriate. That the creator of that image at the end of the tunnel, is someone like yourself who has invested in equipment, has spent time and energy with a lot of passion to create something that they “Love”, love enough to use commercially !!
There are a lot of more important issues I understand, but unless each one of you make it you personal mandate to speak about it and educate plagiarism will continue.

WP MAy 2013
Educated professionals from advertising such as visualizers, art directors, creative directors, marketing heads, branding and communication professionals , editors, magazine owners, press, media, business owners  … Lets all work towards sensitising the world around us.

Piracy of images is a crime !! Period. Unite and address this.

I would urge you to share this. Creation of images is a livelihood for photographers everywhere. Only if we join hands and create awareness in each of our circles will this be viewed as unethical. Its a chain.

Images will always be a part of communication. If we want to continue creating good work that enables business to generate revenue ( directly or indirectly ) we should all come together. We at are always available to assist anyone who needs guidance to know know more. Please feel free to write to me directly or make it a discussion in open forums !!

Till then Happy Shooting ! !

– Sugandha Dubey, is the founder of, one of India’s Premier Stock Photo Agency.

3 Tips to make your image more commercially viable !

At India, we are constantly asking ourselves. ” What would this picture be used for? and again, more importantly,Will this image make money? The answer lies in the conceptual value of the image and its ability to be used by different clients multiple times for multiple purpose. An image of a dockyard even if it has property release may have limited use.


However, an image of adventure sport ( rock climbing/ para sailing/ bungee jumping .. ) could be used many more times. Reasons ? More conceptual depicting growth, courage, future, direction, independence, fitness, Getting the wiff ? 2 Stockimagebank.com1

Some tips to maximise your shots !

Tip No. 1.
75% of the images selected by our clients are SMILING.
 There is always a place for serious expressions, but those that have concern or gestures that communicate seriousness.

Tip No. 2                                                                                                               Play with different kinds of lighting . Though clean flat lighting is ok for cutouts interesting lighting always engages a creative person and attracts selection.

Tip No. 3.                                                                                                                     Stretch your concepts creatively : you must ask yourself, After doing the base shots, how can I add value by adding others elements? objects like pencils, newspaper, coins, currency, small plants, locks, watches, clocks, flags. How can you add and Indian contemporary flavour to it ? 

Photography is an art and commercial photography is the art of creating images that make brands make money. India is still evolving when it comes to commercial stock photography. I will keep posting my insights to help those who want to explore and monetize their works.

Posted by Sugandha Dubey

Telephone Sheep Exhibit by Artist Jean Luc Cornec

942059_280269342108757_1908797763_nMuseum of Communications in Auckland – NZ.
Each one of these sheep is made from telephones and cords …… check out their feet! 




Jean Luc’s sheep were constructed of older model rotary telephones and their accompanying cords wrapped around sheep formed under structures. The phone on the cradle strikingly resembles a head in this context with the melted and bent hand piece creating great hooves. In this new environment the out of date phones have taken on an entirely new life due to our shift in perspective. The ability to see materials outside of their traditional roles is key to reducing the mass of products our society currently consumes and reusing that which surrounds us everyday to its maximum potential.

Postured in all the ways you would see sheep on a typical farm Jean Luc has evoked a surreal representation of life using otherwise lifeless forms.

While on the one hand art can be seen as a form of entertainment and pleasure, which may seem trivial to some, there can be a much more functional element to it as well. Art and design occur from the need to express, communicate, and question the human experience. An exhibit may probe into society’s values and practices. Quality art should in the very least make us think.

This may seem like heavy conversation while looking at these playful sheep, but Cornec’s piece is a perfect gateway into thought provoking art that makes us shift our view on the function of material. The prevalence of upcycling, repurposing, green design, engineering, and architecture addressing global climate change that we are seeing on a daily basis is the fruit of creative thinking. Work like the Telephone Sheep force us to see new uses and value to otherwise expired products. The importance of art can stretch far beyond entertaining some web surfers or museum patrons. It can spawn in any of us the ability to think with a more malleable mind. Perhaps in even a simple way on a daily basis we can look at common refuse and see further life, another form, continuing function…less waste.

Artists and designers will play an immensely important role in our world as we move forward towards more sustainable ideology. Creativity, along with technology and ethical growth, can produce astounding results towards a more eco-friendly means of existence.

Credit : GreenUpgrader(dot)com

The intention to share this non-commercial and to showcase the exceptional work done by the artist.

UTEC Innovation for Drinking water – A Cannes Gold for sure !


Finally, a Billboard That Creates Drinkable Water Out of Thin Air

I’ve never cared much for billboards. Not in the city, not out of the city — not anywhere, really. It’s like the saying in that old Five Man Electrical Band song. So when the creative director of an ad agency in Peru sent me a picture of what he claimed was the first billboard that produces potable water from air, my initial reaction was: gotta be a hoax, or at best, a gimmick.

Except it’s neither: The billboard pictured here is real, it’s located in Lima, Peru, and it produces around 100 liters of water a day (about 26 gallons) from nothing more than humidity, a basic filtration system and a little gravitational ingenuity.

Let’s talk about Lima for a moment, the largest city in Peru and the fifth largest in all of the Americas, with some 7.6 million people (closer to 9 million when you factor in the surrounding metro area). Because it sits along the southern Pacific Ocean, the humidity in the city averages 83% (it’s actually closer to 100% in the mornings). But Lima is also part of what’s called a coastal desert: It lies at the northern edge of the Atacama, the driest desert in the world, meaning the city sees perhaps half an inch of precipitation annually (Lima is the second largest desert city in the world after Cairo). Lima thus depends on drainage from the Andes as well as runoff from glacier melt — both sources on the decline because of climate change.

Enter the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC), which was looking for something splashy to kick off its application period for 2013 enrollment. It turned to ad agency Mayo DraftFCB, which struck on the idea of a billboard that would convert Lima’s H2O-saturated air into potable water. And then they actually built one.

It’s not entirely self-sufficient, requiring electricity (it’s not clear how much) to power the five devices that comprise the billboard’s inverse osmosis filtration system, each device responsible for generating up to 20 liters. The water is then transported through small ducts to a central holding tank at the billboard’s base, where you’ll find — what else? — a water faucet. According to Mayo DraftFCB, the billboard has already produced 9,450 liters of water (about 2,500 gallons) in just three months, which it says equals the water consumption of “hundreds of families per month.” Just imagine what dozens, hundreds or even thousands of these things, strategically placed in the city itself or outlying villages, might do. And imagine what you could accomplish in any number of troubled spots around the world that need potable water with a solution like this.

Mayo DraftFCB says it dropped the billboard along the Pan-American Highway at kilometer marker 89.5 when summer started (in December, mind you — Lima’s south of the equator) and that it’s designed to inspire young Peruvians to study engineering at UTEC while simultaneously illustrating how advertising can be more than just an eyesore. (Done and done, I’d say.)

“We wanted future students to see how engineers can also solve social needs in daily basis kinds of situations,” said Alejandro Aponte, creative director at Mayo DraftFCB.

The city’s residents could certainly use the help. According to a 2011 The Independent piece ominously titled “The desert city in serious danger of running dry,” about 1.2 million residents of Lima lack running water entirely, depending on unregulated private-company water trucks to deliver the goods — companies that charge up to 30 soles (US $10) per cubic meter of H2O, or as The Independent notes, 20 times what more well-off residents pay for their tapwater.

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Compelling Visuals make Brands Stronger !



fg branddesign is amongst the winners of this year’s DDC award “Gute Gestaltung 12” in the category of marketing communications. The award has been presented by the DDC (Club of German Designers) for more than 11 years in a row and is considered one of the most renowned design awards. fg branddesign is awarded for the international launch of Avantgarde Acoustics XA amplifier series.

Kate Moss

 luxury brand : David Yurman

unemployee-of-the-year-blog-benetton-1 unemployee-of-the-year-blog-benetton-2

Unemployee of the year - Blog Benetton



Unemployee of the year - Blog Benetton

United Colors of Benetton continues to use visuals of people as a long standing method of communication for its brand. The latest is 

Benetton opened a new era of its communication strategy by launching the UNHATE campaignand foundation. This highly controversial campaign, showing international political leaders in conflict sharing a brotherly kiss, toured all around the world and made a great long lasting impression!

This year, the brand continues its reflection on society and the world and is delivering a new message with its latest campaign: UNEMPLOYEE OF THE YEARa contest created by United Colors of Benetton for young people all over the world. UNEMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR will award 100 projects proposed and voted by the web.

Around me, I find many talented, open-minded, curious, strong-willed people and sometimes they have difficulty finding work that suits them. I come from a generation that knows unemployment, professional uncertainty and I’m sensitive to this ad campaign. At twenty, twenty-five, thirty years old, life is yet to be built, it is time to launch yourself, look forward to the future with enthusiasm, to have the opportunity to express your talent, skills, dreams!

I’ll let you have a look at the ad campaign posters with their simple yet stylish visuals (remember, it is a campaign for a fashion brand!). Discover these young people’s serious faces coming from all over the world and currently looking for a job: Angel, 29 unengineer from Spain, Katerina, 30, unmanager from Greece, Thibault, 27, unlawyer from France… (Read more on




We wanted to boil down the fundamental proposition of Crime Stoppers in the simplest most compelling way – if you witness a crime and report it, you retain your anonymity. This campaign strives to remind people of that simple truth. Crime should not remain anonymous. But the people who report it will
  • Category Public Interest : Public Interest 
  • Client : Toronto Crime Stoppers
  • Agency DDB Canada
  • Country Canada
  • Uploaded27 February, 2013
  • Creative Director : Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie,
  • Photographer : Frank Hoedl

49370_Family Picnic

Family’s picnic

Ambipur offers air freshness in this print campaign from Grey Jakarta

47577_ads_CROSSFOX VW

Crossfox. The compact off-road.”Print from Almap BBDO Sao Paulo


Cordaid has come up with a very hard hitting “People in Need” campaign and has put the hard truth of stark disparity existing on our planet right in front of our eyes. This ad campaign is a play on emotions, guilt conscience and will surely generate lots of aid essential to reach out to the most deprived and poor people living in poor nations around the globe.

These pictures of African people posing with expensive stuff seem very poignant, compelling but was it necessary to use actual ‘poor people in need’ to make an appeal? Do they need to ‘beg’ for donation from the rich? Maybe candid shots would have worked better. We cannot deny that affluent of the society also contribute to world’s economy in a big way. We live in a consumer centric capitalist era which runs on market economy after all.


We all know that what we splurge on can buy something very essential for the needy ones. This emotional appeal for little donation which is much less than what one usually spends on luxury is no doubt an effective tool but is it necessary to make big spenders very guilty with all these images?


Big spenders alone are not responsible for sorry state of the world. This disparity won’t be removed even if rich were to donate all their money to charity. We live a far messed up complicated world and this ad gives the most simplistic solution.


It is true that world needs organizations like Cordaid to build bridges between haves and have-nots. Hope the play on conscience works for the good cause. But more than aid poor of the world need to be empowered to improve their own conditions.

The above set is a compilation


Canesten: Monsoon itch, AGENCY: Watermelon Healthcare Communications, Mumbai, India, CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Yajuvendra Gore, ART DIRECTOR: Mahendra Khairnar, COPYWRITER: Graydon Gomes, PUBLISHED: June 2008


Ratika¹s: Age-defying jewelry, AGENCY: 1pointsize, Chennai, India, ART DIRECTOR: Sharad Haksar, PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jose Luis Pelaez, Sharad Haksar, COPYWRITER: Anantha Narayan

tide-detergent-indian-flag-small-19252 PrintAds india-print-ads-2

This post just emphasises on the fact how the images make the brands so compelling ! The range displayed is an attempt to showcase from a  simple image to a complex one., and how it resonates the brands !

The post is intended to share and understand the relationship of brands and visuals. No copyright violation intended.

Enjoy the week !

I Love you – Say it with mouthwatering food pictures !

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.03.26 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.02.23 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.01.19 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.00.36 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.59.58 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.59.12 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.58.50 AMScreen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.58.33 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.57.45 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.57.26 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.57.02 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.56.23 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 8.55.57 AM

Communicate your brand story in the most innovative way with Food Pictures this Valentine ! Start Searching now for the most mouthwatering food Images.