What is Stock Photography ? – made simple

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This is a simple PDF to enable photographers to understand Stock Photography – Simply. Please feel free to post queries and we will be happy to answer all of them.

Click on the link  to view the Guide. What is a Stock Photo – The Ultimate guide to Stock Photography copy



Bicycle inspired advertising !

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Inspired by the Gurgaon Cycle club, while driving to work ( ugh ! yes, been wanting to bicycle to work for a bit.. yet to execute :/)  I, actually got wondering on the use of bicycle in the print ad segment, for communication. Yes, bicycle companies would use them but I was curious to know how have the creatives been adapted keeping cycle centre stage. I have collected a few for you and posting. It is a mix of very recent to vintage, from minimalistic  to direct copy.

Hope you enjoy looking at them ! Get inspired ! Have a good week !


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