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The Mayans had predictions…
The Earth had Fevicol…
Via: Swapnil C. S. Ghangale
From today’s Mumbai Mirror

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Fevicol is a polysynthetic resin adhesive. It can be used in bonding various materials, where one of the surfaces to be bonded has to be porous. Fevicol strongly binds wood, plywood, laminate, veneers, MDF and all types of boards, cork etc. It is also used in sport goods manufacturing and book binding. The bond gives handling strength in 8 to 10 hours and cures fully in 24 hours.


SHRI BALVANT PAREKH : Glued to Success – Fevicol Success story

When Balawantbhai Kalyanji Parekh, the founder of Pidilite Industries came to Mumbai his pockets carried nothing but his dreams. Today he is a billionaire. His name has appeared in Forbes magazine, a rare distinction for an industrialist. Essentially an unassuming man, his simplicity would not let you feel that he is one of the top industrialists in the country. Producer of several popular brands including Fevicol, Ranipal, M-Seal, Dr. Fixit, Pidilite Industries boasts of an annual turnover of Rs 2000 crore. He has many plants in the country and also several units abroad. His family’s stakes in the company work out to about 70%. Balawantbhai is 87 years old and despite his health not permitting, he makes sure that he comes to office for at least 3-4 hours a day. And also despite weak health, he evinced enthusiasm to talk to Chitralekha and FT Foundation for its ‘Jewells of India’ series. Born in Mahua, Balawantbhai did his Metriculation in M N School in Mahua only. He later studied Inter arts in Bhavnagar after completion of his Metriculation. ( read more credit :

Fevicol was ranked No. 1 in the Household Care segment of the Most Trusted Brands in India for 2007-08 by Brand Equity (The Economic Times) and overall has been ranked the 20th Most Trusted Brand. Pidilite, the makers of Fevicol, rank 131st among India’s Top 500 listed companies, including those in the private and public sector (ET 500, published by the Economic Times in March 2007) Pidilite occupies around 90% of total adhesives market share in India.

In India, “Fevicol” is commonly used as a metaphor for strong bonding or stubborn stickiness. There are references galore in Bollywood movies, topical jokes and even everyday conversations. For instance, in the movie Masti (2004) the character played by actor Vivek Oberoi remarks about a female character as – “Itni badi chipku hai ki Fevicol wale ise sponsor kar denge.” Coolie No.1 (1995), Awara Pagal Deewana (2002), Tarzaan the Wonder Car (2004), Golmaal Returns (2008), Joru Ka Gulam (2000) and Lajja (2001) are just some of the others that have references to Fevicol.

Catch phrases from popular Fevicol TV ads like “Dum laga kar haisya, zor laga kar haisya”; “Fevicol ka majboot jodh hai, tootega nahi”[2] and “Pakade rehna, chhodana nahi” are also used in day-to-day conversation. Fevicol and the other brands from Pidilite have received more than their share of space in the media as well. The song “Fevicol Se” from the upcoming movie Dabangg 2 features Fevicol in the main line of the song.

The creative strategy that Ogilvy & Mather has employed for Fevicol is “to make bonding a Fevicol attribute,” Read more about Fevicol

O&M , Prasoon & Piyush Pandy ( Read more )

Shared by, This is one of the most iconic brands of India. A small dedication by gathering a bit more about the founder and his vision. This brand deserves more than this post. Will address it as a brand in another post.


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