Photographer – Are you the one we are looking for ?

Take 1.
I love art photography. Admire b&w images such a lone old man from Jaipur sitting at the side of the road with a catchy phrase for instance ” waiting” or one street girl child smiling at the camera captioned ” innocence”… I am sure you get the wiff of the kind of images I am talking about. Beautiful artistic photographs.
I see a lot of such images all on FB, Flicker et all the places.

Take 2.
A carefully created image of an urban family, a good portrait of a college student, a group of business people with a beautiful backdrop , urban kids with food, a conceptual image of objects in the business sense…. I need emotions, I need to see the ability to cast well, I need to see color palette, I need to see contemporary work.
I keep hunting for photographers who may showcase such works and sadly do not find !!!!!

Now, if I need to assign shoots I need to see those to give me confidence that I can bet good production money on them to create commercially viable images that will fetch them, us, ad agencies and eventually brands .. revenue !

Perspective anyone ?


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One thought on “Photographer – Are you the one we are looking for ?

  1. The following conversation trail is between some members of a Facebook Group Delhi Photographers and myself @ Sugandha Dubey founder
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    Sanjay Shrivastava It is not that creating the latter type of images is not technically doable, the average photographer doesn’t see purpose, and doesn’t want to shoot such images as one has to spend on some of those out of pocket if not an assignment, and has to also get model releases etc.
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    Sanjay Nanda ‎Sugandha Dubey if you are looking for stock images, FB is not the place to look for. most photographers (>98%) here shoot for the fun of it, with no intention of selling/licensing their images for any purpose whatsoever. the hobbyists here…
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    Fahad Moti Khan Are you invalidating the business model Sanjay…
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    Fahad Moti Khan ‎🙂
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    Fahad Moti Khan ‎’Microstock’ …..the biggest new development that rocked the traditional stock photography boat is almost entirely fueled by amateurs and part-time photographers… I disagree with your argument…
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    Sourav Singh I m wid u Sugandha Dubey…… mine thinking is also this this 😛
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    Sanjay Nanda the business model is perfect for stock photography. but the photographers who fit into this model are most probably not on FB or there needs to be a diff way to look for them.
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    Sanjay Nanda ‎Fahad Moti Khan but the kind of images that she is look for is usually not shot by amateurs. there is a different kind of professionals who just specialise in shooting stock. this type of professional photographer is still very rate to find in india.
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    Fahad Moti Khan With the population of more than a few continents put together and being the biggest image sharing platform (it beat flickr)….I can’t think of a better platform for sourcing stock photography talent…..all it takes is a documentation knowledge and minor tweaks in understanding the purpose of stock photography…..
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    Sanjay Shrivastava The returns to a photographer versus the effort is the issue here…there are many “amateurs” who can shoot these kind of images as well as “professionals”….
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    Sugandha Dubey ‎Sanjay Nanda! I am a bit surprised by your POV. specially coming from you ! U missed my point I think !
    1. I am not looking for stock images here
    2. DP has 3055 photographers. You say that none of them want to do commercial work ?

    You say that 98 % here are hobbyists with valid intentions ?
    You say “professional photographers will be too expensive for YOUR kind of projects”
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    Sanjay Nanda flickr was a much better place to hunt for stock images/photographers. it was completely geared towards photography (but its just a dead place not). and photographers showcased their talent there. on FB they just showcase their social skills !!
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    Sugandha Dubey Don’t quite get it !
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    Fahad Moti Khan Actually, with royalty-free images (which is the current trend)….both the photographer and distributor gain over a period of time…..unless the distributor is exploitative….most international stock images websites are very transparent to all stakeholders…..
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    Sugandha Dubey ‎Fahad Moti Khan thats exactly the kind of thought I had in mind 🙂
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    Sanjay Shrivastava Footing the cost of such shoots is an investment many would not make….
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    Sanjay Nanda ok. there are 3055 members in DP. simple way to find out is just post an assignment and what you are willing to pay for it. invite the members to send you a few images so that you can judge if they can produce the kind of imagery that you are interested in.
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    Fahad Moti Khan It’s actually a volume play Sanjay…..the same settings, models and props can be used in a single shoot to create hundreds of hi quality images and it continues to pay dividends…. because the photographer foots his/her own bill, they usu…
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    Sugandha Dubey ‎Sanjay Nanda Its not like I am here to challenge the Indian photographers … its just a thought i had in the morning while I scan thousands of images of both Indian and international contributors. WHat lacks here is the focus and attitude towards commercial work focussed work.
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    Fahad Moti Khan My previous message was for Sanjay Shrivastava 🙂
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    Sanjay Shrivastava yup, fahad, it is an investment, the returns take time, which is why many are not willing to go ahead, moreover, many are unaware of the economics and demand of such a thing, also I was under the impression this is a very saturated market, maybe sugandha could enlighten us all more…does it pay as much in the domestic market?
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    Fahad Moti Khan And even if what Sanjay Nanda is suggesting about Indian photographers holds true, there is no harm is putting forward a proposition….why dismiss an idea?
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    Sanjay Nanda ‎Fahad Moti Khan i absolutely not doubting the business model. those photographers who are into this category are doing very well. they know what kind of imagery is needed and they go ahead and produce it. i was just reacting to what Sugand…
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    Fahad Moti Khan I would be very careful before generalizing it with an absolute statement Sanjay…..and as I said, where is the harm in trying?
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    Sugandha Dubey Stock Photographers are NOT “some rare exotic species with green horns who come from another planet”
    .. and that is precisely the point I was trying to make.
    Like I said earlier as well, I was NOT looking for stock images here. This is a…
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    Sugandha Dubey and while people post the artistic stuff ( with the expensive camera that they shoot with ) Y not create some content that may generate revenue ?
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    Rohit Vohra this is getting interesting…Sanjay Nanda if Flickr is dead and FB is for social skills, where does she go and find Stock Images? Also did you just make that statistic of >98% not here to sell or license, cause if that’s based on a study,…
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    Sugandha Dubey would Photographers not like to do an assignment by brands such as Wills Lifestyle/ Prada/ Nestle/ Nokia/ Blackberry/ timex/ Pathways school / kinds of brands just name sake ?

    or have I got it all wrong and they are not interested in such assignment ?
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    Sanjay Nanda ‎Sugandha Dubey as much as it may sound strange to you, the amateurs (those who do not or have no any intention to make money out of a hobby) spend much more money on gear than even most of the professional photographers. and this also appl…
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    Noni Chawla Like these?

    Wayworn, pressed with toils and strife, we are waiting, hoping, watching, prayin…
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    By: Noni Chawla
    Photos: 3
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    Rohit Vohra don’t agree, you think its all about the money and people will only be tempted to work commercially if photography can guarantee an income more than what they are being paid right now….I will say that again….Don’t agree
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    Sugandha Dubey Tell me how many professional photographers actually work 300 days a year v/s a high paid professional who works the same no. of days / year. SO no I too feel its not just about money.
    We as a company are willing to back up the full production and seek minds that want to tell a story ! We need to have a lesson on Stock photography and Copyright content in MBA schools ! (
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    Fahad Moti Khan I would advise that we keep the debate general and not about a specific individual or organization…’s a very interesting debate with good perspectives shared by the participants….
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    Noni Chawla ‎Sugandha Dubey: By now you must have figured out, on the basis of the 30-odd comments above that DP is a “debating club” where we have great fun arguing (cf. “The Argumentative Indian”). Quite frankly I don’t even have the patience to read through all the comments. Please ask for pictures whenever you need them, and I am sure, you will get a response.
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    Sugandha Dubey We need minds that are open to explore.. tell a story, speak brands. And y shy away from reality ? Are brands not a part of our daily lives ? Colgate se brush karo/ tata tea piyo/ harvest bread khao/ Honda se office jao … 🙂
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    Sourav Singh hahahaha 😀
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    Sugandha Dubey LOL NONI !
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    Sanjay Shrivastava I see this more as a problem of awareness about stock photography (esp in India) and its economics and workings, rather than (a lack of) willingness amongst “amateur” and “professional” photographers.
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    Akshat Jain you’re talking business.. i like 🙂
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    Sanjay Nanda ‎Sugandha Dubey just reacting to what you said earlier. if i were a professional photographer, i would love to shoot for a big brand. don’t know much about the money but it will definitely give me great milage. but if i am a hobbyist, then …
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    Dheeraj Paul I think now creative mind needs both appreciation and money together…
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    Sugandha Dubey ‎Sanjay Nanda Fahad Moti Khan Sanjay Shrivastava Noni Chawla Rohit Vohra Dheeraj Paul sourav singh was a good debate ! would love to meet for coffee someday and carry on..the discussion !
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    Sugandha Dubey Can I post this on our blog Fahad Moti Khan ?
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    Fahad Moti Khan Sure…feel free…it’s a public debate…
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    Sugandha Dubey Thankyou 🙂 I will give DP its credit ! 🙂
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    Fahad Moti Khan Thanks..appreciated!
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