The fact is, the object of an intense desire can make you win the race. Instant passion is perishable – Amrish Sunder OneMG Chennai   interviews, Amrish Shyam Sunder ,  Creative Director, OneMG Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Amrish has been with One MG since 2008.

SIB: What has been your biggest challenge to getting yourself out of the blocks?

AS : Block itself is a challenge. Basically distracting yourself from worldly pleasures.. On my own admittance, I would say even weekends suffer the same treatment. Your part of mind remains preoccupied with work, the type of creative  I could bring into action.  Sometimes one starts triggering the work-life balance to a frightening degree, leaving hardly any or less time for matters unrelated to work. Well! The best antidote I would say is to chill out by lets say watching a movie and ultimately the idea of creativity get impulse from neurons to your action potentials. It really helps.

SIB : What makes you creative?

AS :  Haaahh..I don’t know.. Its just what I do and I know what to do I guess. This part I enjoy the most. I was a very studious, cool student expecting lot of marks, it used to get really a clipart of a wick to be at a stature, in this you get much more recognition, its more of an escape which turned out to be a career.

SIB : Out of your personal opinion, do you think you have succeeded to such a degree when so many others have not? What did it really take?

AS :Passion rather should be is like a phoenix, then you get X number of milestones to make your work more interesting. There is no end to achieving. Nobody is most creative person. See, anything to do with creativity is a very evolutionary process and not revolutionary as most of the people believe. What would have been relevant 50-60 years earlier could come back into light anytime be the layout style, publicity style, or say a live example of long copy. Internet bought long copy & everyone’s writing now. Writing is again in air. Twitter is spurring people to scribble, doodle. The fact today would be a history for say, 50 years from now so it will keep happening its nothing to say is revolutionary. Its for the better actually. Everything will kept in the bottle of wine.

SIB : Do you think your work can be criticized?

AS : Definitely, I think that’s the only way you tend to some good work. You have to rely on certain structures, that you cannot put in place may be due to some limitations, you are adorn to a certain style and you can’t get out of it quickly. The best think to do is hire somebody who could probably bring something different without applying your style on him/her. Criticism makes you think that yes their are certain things which is possible and whether its good or bad is the judgment likely to be determined by the critics. Over a period of time it will drop off you as well.

SIB : With whom would you like to share Beer?

AS : I am not very picky. Anybody who can talk a lot. I am a good listener, so who will not possibly bore me. (laughs) Discussing your work over your beer ideally not a good option if I have an alternative to escape.

SIB : Your first love?

AS : Photography as far as career is concerned. I always wanted to own a camera it always tempts me. By the time I have got a SLR. I didn’t transit well from filling to digital. I actually love whole process of washing and sitting by the enlarger actually the process of translating into digital

SIB : At times when you are really goofed up, what comes into your mind?

AS : Oh shit! (laughs). A cover letter or confession letter. Invariably take its own course.

SIB : What is your work for you?

AS : Its passion which quite comes automatically, if you are constantly thinking about it, its fun. I am not making an effort its all coming into my mind one way to put it.

SIB : Whom would you award Supporting Actors in the journey till now?

AS : All the beautiful women(laughs). One day I will make a movie with Chitrangada Singh.

SIB : Your Inspiration

AS : De Bi Dong, Neil French & of course lot of photography guys

SIB : What brought you to advertising.

AS : I love advertising I would say. It got me into Visual Communication that I did, along with it  I did my first job designing a T- Shirt for a Fashion Designing Company, then moved to fashion trend analysis. Although being in different fields I used to have huge interest in advertising.

SIB : With whom do you think you can share the podium?

AS : Steve Jobs who died & lived for his passion for now.

SIB : Apart from being a Creative Director, have you tried yourself for something else?

AS : I was a Fashion Analyst

SIB : Do you like wearing both the Creative Director hat and the Fashion Analyst hat?

AS : Not really. It was a different avatar. In that role I used to think differently obviously.

SIB : Do you want give any suggestions to some of our cynical veterans?

AS : At the end of the are you selling the brand? Is the brand doing well? What are you working on? If the answers are positive then you did the job ! It doesn’t matter how new or old you are. Although there is so much of politics & hierarchy which is quite annoying but at the same time this one industry which appreciates new talents. Your degrees obviously will not score you but your freshness of ideas. No matter from whichever field you are you just have to be creative and its a full-stop.

SIB : Stock photography is the big buzz right now. Can you give us your insights into current Indian image banks & its long term implications ?

AS : The good thing you guys  are doing is concept photography. Browsing into stock images for agencies starts from there. The more concept you have the more distinction you get. Besides employing right and updated technology consequently good quality. And you can have so many permutations and combinations. It should revert back dictionary. If I have a word in mind it should be provided with possible options as easy as Google where you can drop image and can find similar options. Even if I am not getting in seconds but the bank reverts back quickly can work. The Creative directors generally sketch their ideas they hate searching there idea on stock banks. So probably providing them their options by their sketches in 1-2 hours would definitely help. Its a long shot but then creative friendly.

SIB : Your favorite campaign so far?

AS : Zoo Zoo was lovely. In my book of work I would say , an illustration campaign for a restaurant La Shaakahari.

SIB : Whats new in your pocket now?

AS : Lots of interesting things in the form of Digital social media space. So, any client who is willing to experiment would be an opportunity for both the participators. It is like a nice ground for pulling up something very creative.

SIB : Your darker side???

AS : I am bloody lethargic

SIB : Your dream project?

AS : Anything which could transform the client from where he is to something different. It could be whatever which makes it cooler.

SIB : What does the future holds for you?

AS : I really don’t know right now. I don’t think so much(laughs). Just have to enjoy life fully I guess

SIB : Any thoughts you’d like to leave us with?

AS : Whatever I see on your site, right now is quite interesting. What I love is you don’t have a watermark on your preview and the sizes are very appreciating. Good enough I would say.                                                                     ————————————————————————————————————————————————

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